On Community and Audience

You’ve had lots of time now to look at your own blogs and those of your classmates here at UNIS. But have you had a chance to see what other students just like you are doing and saying out there in the blogosphere?

Browse around on the following pages… see if you like (or don’t like!) what you see. Perhaps you might even like to leave a comment? Hopefully you will find something that inspires you to write (or read) more than you already are! 🙂

  • Collaboration Nation – A Middle School Blog — On this site, scroll down and look at the right sidebar. You will see a heading that says Students 08-09. View a few students’ blogs.
  • Eight is Great — Another 8th grade class blog with individual student blogs on the sidebar blogroll (look to the right). Browse around, read a few!
  • Upload — Formerly known as Thin Walls Blog, this is a class blog from wayyyyy up in snowy Canada.  Look for student blogs in the blogroll again (right side).
There are many, many more student bloggers out there — perhaps you can find them! The ones posted above are the ones I have come across that I think you might be interested in most. If you find other blogs you really like, please leave the URL in a comment here, and post about it on your own blog.
Don’t forget: one of the best ways to increase your blog audience is to:
  1. Respond to comments people leave you on YOUR blog, and
  2. Leave comments on other people’s blogs — don’t forget to enter the URL for your blog when you do this.

The Calm After the Show by Thomas Hawk
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I am a full-time Master of Arts student at NYU in Educational Communication and Technology. Prior to this, I was an MYP Language A (English) teacher at UNIS Hanoi, Qatar Academy, and ACS International School in Egham, England. I taught in MYP schools internationally for 8 years, but I began my teaching career in Canada, my home country, in 1998. I'm a big believer in the integration of technology into the classroom, curriculum, and daily lives of our students, and believe whole-heartedly that literacy and technology go hand in hand.

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