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Your next blog post in response to Twelfth Night is going to be an interesting one.  It’s visual and could even be artistic if you want. Here goes:

Draw a diagram or chart that shows the characters and their relationships to each other. 

Ways you can do this and then post on your blog:

  • draw it, then take a photo of it and post it on your blog
  • draw it, then scan it and post it on your blog
  • use Inspiration to create this diagram / chart, then take a screen shot of the diagram and post it on your blog
  • find another piece of software that will allow you to do this… this is your challenge if you are a risk-taker! 🙂  Ideas:
    • Try out, an online diagram tool
    • J-Painter might also suit your needs
    • Want something more advanced for drawing? Try Project Draw.
    • Several mind-mapping tools are also available and SUPER easy:
A few other notes:
  1. Please remember to TAG your post appropriately.
  2. It is blog courtesy to link back here (yes, here) and to link to which tool you are using
  3. Links in general are blog courtesy. Few people like to read a blog that doesn’t link to others. Think of it as blog-social referencing: tell people where you got your stuff from, and they will link back to you!
I am looking forward to reading / viewing these!
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I am a full-time Master of Arts student at NYU in Educational Communication and Technology. Prior to this, I was an MYP Language A (English) teacher at UNIS Hanoi, Qatar Academy, and ACS International School in Egham, England. I taught in MYP schools internationally for 8 years, but I began my teaching career in Canada, my home country, in 1998. I'm a big believer in the integration of technology into the classroom, curriculum, and daily lives of our students, and believe whole-heartedly that literacy and technology go hand in hand.

2 thoughts on “Relationships

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  2. Hi Grade 8,

    After a little investigation I have found how to export your Inspriation concept maps so that you can embed them in your blog.

    Once your concept map is completed:
    1. Click File> Export
    2. Go to the Graphics File tab at the top of the pop-up window
    3. Choose a file format – jpeg will work for you blogs
    4. Click Save and choose a location to save your work.

    Once you have saved the file to your computer you can upload it to your blog using your normal method.

    Happy mapping and blogging!

    Mr. Tangey

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